One Day Yes was born with the purpose of supporting Twashukuru Nursery School in Lamu, Kenya. A small project with a big family. A family consisting of a group of people fighting for a better, fairer and more equal world. A world where children can be children, where they can enjoy their childhood, where they have access to an education, as well as being well fed and learn to be independent, self-sufficient and where they have the right and the opportunity to escape poverty.

One Day Yes emerged in 2015 and expects to continue to fulfil dreams. Dreams of "Rafikis" (friends) that want to join the project. It was established to fulfil the dreams of Ana Mansergas and Begoña Machancoses, president and secretary of the organization. Along the way Clara Icardo joined the project, a necessary part of its constitution, Santiago   Fernandez as vice president and Manuel Mansergas as treasurer.

Little by little the family grew. Eva Montesinos event organizer, Alex Benavent, responsible for the website. Manu Mansergas jr. and Lourdes Mendez who have had the opportunity to travel to the land and want more people to share the same opportunity, to come and discover the school and the project. Monia Antonioli our official photographer, Richard Kobena, our official musician in Spain, and journalists Mariola Cubells, Angela Valero de Palma, Ginés Llorca and Ricardo Burriel

As you can see, a local and small project with a great family! A family that goes beyond the Spanish borders due to the fact that Twashukuru also receives help from friends in the US, where Omar lives, and Europe. From Holland's brothers Frans and Gonnie Doevelaar work daily to ensure that this family of partners grows. A family where everyone coexists with their own circumstances, they are all different with a common denominator: Now they have got to where they are, they are never again going to look at life with the same eyes.

Do you want to fulfill one of your dreams? Karibu!  Welcome! 

Because one day dreams come true