The project we propose is developed in Lamu, an island in the north of Kenia's shore, where more than 20,000 people live.

In One Day Yes asociation we have a dream. We wish that all children from Twashukuru Nursery School recieve the best posible education so that the can develop their full potentials. All our efforts have as a goal to offer a quality education and nourishment that allows them to become their best self.

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Omar is one of those people who life puts before you as an example. From him one can learn the values of sacrifice, effort, solidarity, respect, dignity, and also that of falling and getting back up again. Omar, with his charming personality and dreadlocks down to his feet (no exaggeration), unknowingly spreads positive energy, with the light and verve that go alongside his very unusual lifestyle.

He left Lamu looking for a better life, hoping to help his modest family with multiple children. Since then he has been known as Omar Colorado, because Colorado was his first stop in the US.

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The baobabs are the trees of Kenya, the great protectors of the project. They wrap their branches around all that surrounds them; they will be key backers of the project.


Mode to create bonds between children of Spain and children on Lamu through letters, drawings, songs, photos and videos...


This role is for anyone who wants to support cultural cooperation, using music and art as a developmental tool for the children. They can become a groupie of the Eco Band.


One-off donations to the project, regardless of quantity, are the seeds of the project.

Because one day dreams come true