Kitchen / dining room

Donation:/ 2.000 euros

The construction if the dining room is an extreme necessity because in such poor environments it is imposible to guarantee both the nousrihment nd the education of the children. Bare in mind that for many, this will be the only meal of the day, and if they dont eat, they will not be able to concentrate and perform well in class. The construction of the dining room is made of bottles and the furniture with reclycled wood from old ships. In this moment we are working on building the school's dining room out of plastic and glass bottles. ¡ DONE!

Second classroom

Cost:/5.000 euros.

We would like to be able to build a second classroom to provide the correct training and education for the kids. By doing this we could divide the children in two classrooms: The youngest, until the age of 3 in one room and the eldest up to the age of 7, in the second classroom. Each child needs a specific type of education determined by his or her age, and we would like to be able to guarantee this.

Music school

Price per bongo/ 150 euros. ( mínimo 10 unidades)

Music is one of the key components of the project, that's why we want to build a space where music is the protagonist. A music school that becomes, at the same time, a space for art that includes painting, sculpturism, etc. and to develop through cultural cooperation. To begin we need the musical instruments.

Our own cattle

Cost of cattle:/ a cow costs 500 euros, a goat costs 60 euros and a chicken is worth 7 euros.

Ensuring a complete and balanced diet that meets all the nutritional needs for children has to also reach enough resources for food spending. To be able to do so, we work to acquire our own livestock with cows, goats and chickens which help to proved milk, meet, eggs, for children every day. By doing this we ensure children reach the correct amount of protein in their daily meals.

Organic garden

25 euros per 10 hectares/ 600 euros per terrain.

The goal of the school is to hae its own organic garden to cheapen the nourishment costs and to help the families of the children and the community where the project stands;This way, besides getting our own produce, we can sell the excess on the local market to help finance the school.


Donation/ 4.000 euros

To ease the transportation of the children to the school we need a means of transport that helps them in their daily walk. There are cases of children that walk numerous kilometers a day. For that we have two options: hire a boat (10 euros per day) or buy a boat (4.000 euros). This is an expense that would be totally amortized, because in Lamu, boats are the official transport, and the school needs its own means of transport to use with children as well as other goods like food or bottles to keep recycling.


Cost/ 600 euros.

Children need to play. This a basic need to cover because when a child plays, he's happy, he is distraced and haves fun. We are collaborating to create a playroom with reclycled materials, ropes, tires and bouys.

Because one day dreams come true