ONE DAY YES was created with the sole purpose of supporting the school Twashukuru so it could consolidate, become self-sufficient and continue to maintain and educate their children. A project that is completely worth it. A project that you discover when you least expect it. A project that changes lives. A project that makes us become better people. A project for those who bet on the direct impact of their contribution. A simple, family orientated and local project. A project with a very special philosophy.

This school is more than just a school. It is a life project for children and for the community of Lamu. It is a real project born by the side of recycling. The school is built with plastic bottles and glass that are collected trash from Lamu. It is a school built with a sustainable philosophy based on recycling and where music also holds a special role.

Outside Lamu our work focuses on raising awareness among the European population. Give light into the Swahili culture and publicize the other Africa. The cheerful and positive Africa, despite the poverty they live in. Africa penetrating, strong, big and beautiful Africa. The Africa of 28 children in Lamu that smile at life. To do this we organize all kind of activities: concerts, photo exhibitions, lectures, conferences, auctions... In these sort of activities we present our project and try to recruit members and raise funds.

The most important part in our sensitizing roles is to work with European kids. We organize workshops with children in schools to raise awareness from a very small age so they know the reality that children in Africa face, who also play, laugh and are happy, it is true they have another culture, other customs, other religions... But at the end of the day they are children are just like them. We want them to feel them close and so they are not completely ignorant to the reality of what is happening in the rest of the world. However! Always with a smile on our face. From a positive perspective, to grow together and build together a better future based on respect, tolerance, peace and love.

We want the children of today to be the future of a better world, solidary, generous and with less injustice. A world withour barriers and frontiers. A world based in respect, tolerance, Peace and love.


Because one day dreams come true