Bottles / BAOBABS

Recycling is an added value to this project. In a place where preservation of the environment is not a priority, teaching the kids ecological values of recycling is a garantee for a clean future. All the things that we build for the project are made out of recicled materials. That is why bottles and all recycling implicit in the school adquires a special protagonism.

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Books / Correspondents

Without education there is no dignity in life, because there is no freedom. The future of Lamu and its community comes through educating the children today so that they can become the responsible ones tomorrow. That is why Omar, in the distance, works very hard towards maintaining this project, the only chance this children have to get out of this poverty.This kids belong to two of the most poor tribes in Kenia: the Ormas and the Giriamas.

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Omar is a musician, leader of The Eco Band, and teaches the children to surround themselves is music, because music is their life and their life is music. Their music is peace, love, tolerance and respect. Music that sounds of Africa, music with african rhythms, persussion music, music with a mesage of peace, of love, of tolerance and of respect, without forgeting that we are speaking of ecological music.

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Because one day dreams come true