Omar is one of those people who life puts before you as an example. From him one can learn the values of sacrifice, effort, solidarity, respect, dignity, and also that of falling and getting back up again.  Omar, with his charming personality and dreadlocks down to his feet (no exaggeration), unknowingly spreads positive energy, with the light and verve that go alongside his very unusual lifestyle.

He hasn´t cut his hair for more than 20 years. His dreadlocks are a part of him, and he says he couldn’t even think of amputating a body part.  His dreadlocks tell a story, they are part of his life. His life changed when he first set foot on American soil in 1997, and since then he hasn´t cut his hair

He left Lamu looking for a better life, hoping to help his modest family with multiple children. Since then he has been known as Omar Colorado, because Colorado was his first stop in the US. After a year in America, he couldn´t bear it any longer and he returned to Lamu with no wish to return to the States. But he did. He had to. It had been a very challenging year for a 21 year old boy who had spent his life in Lamu, with the Hakuna Matata philosophy, amongst dhows (boats) and donkeys, with total freedom and few needs; these needs didn´t even include footwear, as the majority of inhabitants on Lamu go barefoot. He left this world for the aggressive American one, which offered possibilities that could not be found on Lamu. The contrast was so violent and drastic that he found himself in a state of shock, and couldn’t go outdoors for a long time, which he laughs about now.

Because one day dreams come true